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Keep your organization’s digital assets and your customers’ sensitive information safe with our unified system data protection solution multicloud.

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Keep your organization’s digital assets and your customers’ sensitive information safe with our unified data protection solution in multicloud systems.

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Respond with greater certainty and speed to threats
cybernetic with a robust and tailored defense plan


At Itera we support organizations to implement comprehensive cybersecurity strategies in the cloud, guaranteeing regulatory compliance, optimization of security costs/resources, standardization of their configurations, as well as management and monitoring.

And of course: we help with the best strategy to reinforce awareness of security issues internally, receive maximum assurance of all applications or email, and structure the best protection for your systems environment in cloud environments.

Bases of a analysis multicloud

Our consulting services in the implementation of best practices and controls cover the execution of compliance audits in all clouds, encompassing a complete service strategy that guarantees the visibility of your assets and helps you face any possible risk.

Why cybersecurity in the cloud?

Offers one more capability
fast deployment.

Ensures greater visibility and control of assets.

Provides a reduction in infrastructure costs.

Shows increases in the availability of resources.

Proposes shorter response times to incidents.

Involves better event storage and correlation.

Exposes multi-region data accessibility and analysis.

Allows to establish a more robust Security Governance.

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Reduce license costs and optimize your budget

At Itera we take care of licensing management , the development of the solutions that your company needs and the technical administration for maximum regulatory compliance.

Assurance of apps
and smart control

We carry out the detection of possible threats, as well as the monitoring and attention to cybersecurity incidents 24×7 through our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Consistently cushions shrinkage

We help you reduce costs and incidents through automated response to threats, providing you with improved configurations and optimal operations management cloud.

Elevate and automate your
Cloud Security Posture

We increase the logistics productivity of your company and its efficiency by eliminating manual processes and the centralized implementation of control and analysis solutions.

Protection for any type of IT environment

We contribute to the generation of savings in your total cost of ownership (TCO) due to the mitigation of operational failures and security incidents that require a manual response.

Team training and permanent updating

We certify your teams in the most relevant cybersecurity trends such as ethical hacking, computer forensics, secure development, disaster recovery plan, etc.

Our portfolioservices in Cloud Security

Knowing the security level of your organization and identifying risks and threats allows you to generate strategies to protect your information, its confidentiality and availability. That is why Iterates offers you a wide level of cybersecurity services that consider all technical and regulatory aspects to achieve an acceptable state, both in the shielding of your networks and infrastructure, such as standards compliance.


  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Pentesting Services.
  • ISO 27001 audit.
  • Operational Resiliency Assessment.

Cloud Security

  • anti-phishing campaigns.
  • Network Protection.
  • Host Protection.
  • Application Security.
  • Data Security.
  • People Awareness.

Security Governance, Compliance and Management

  • ISMS Documentation – ISO 27001.
  • Implementation of controls.
  • Training, awareness and dissemination.

Security Operations Center (SOC)</ h3>

  • Monitoring and response.
  • Managed services.
  • Incident response.
  • Cyberintelligence.

We offer you a projected ROI of up to 188% with our cybersecurity solutions cloud

Our partners de Cloud Security

The Itera Diferentiattor

Each of our specialists has internationally valid certifications that will help you build an increasingly reliable and productive computing environment, allowing you to face the digital challenge of the new era with timely detection and response to incidents. .

This is precisely because our expert team in the cloud and implementation of operation models and IT Governance supports you to generate a high-performance security model , safeguarding the integrity of your data through the most appropriate defense and control.

100% cloud-centric</ b>

We provide solutions based on controls and technological protection that protect resources from leaks, theft or loss of online data.

Smart investment model

We guarantee greater security than that of on-premise data centers, allowing you to dispense with the high costs involved in maintaining facilities.

Package of all-in-one solutions< /b>

We complement your strategy with managed security services, audit activities and solutions, both preventive and reactive.

Unlimited cross-sectional scalability

We empower your company through the use and adoption of specialized technologies to constantly protect hybrid environments.

24×7 maintenance and support

We keep the pulse of your security in the digital environment by strengthening the management from our managed service Cloud Operation Center 24×7.

Full shared responsibility

We help your teams identify responsibilities and also those of their cloud provider to comply with regulations, in synergy.

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