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Deliver value to your customers continuously

Introducing some of the DevOps concepts such as Integration and Continuous Delivery, infrastructure as code, virtualization, containers, microservices among others, so that organizations can deliver value to their customers in a constant, continuous and quality way, Itera offers services as a differentiator. in the cloud with AWS to make this possible.

Within these services you can find:

  • Creation and deletion of instances frequently and on demand. In addition to the creation of instances, the infrastructure can be automated, with the definition of “templates” for the creation and configuration of resources such as EC2 instances, ECS containers, S3 storage, etc. This through the AWS CloudFormation service
  • Administration of the set of tools for CI / CD. The entire life cycle of the application is divided into a series of stages or phases, such as versioning, compilation, packaging, testing, deployment to different environments, allowing:
  • Visually control the flow of the application from code to production.
  • Integration with AWS own services such as CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy or with tools acquired by the organization such as GitHub, Jenkins, among others.

This automated management is done through AWS CodePipeline.

– Infrastructure management, automating the administration and deployment of the infrastructure. With the AWS Lambda service, applications can be deployed as functions without worrying about server provisioning and maintenance issues.

– Monitoring of each one of the resources that is used, providing performance data in a unified console. When using many services that AWS offers, it is easy to lose sight of the usage of each and also the billing issues. With the AWS CloudWatch service, you can set resource limits and continually optimize expenses.

AWS services are very well integrated and available in a single platform allowing integration and continuous delivery, there are services for Development, QA and Operations that adapt to each part of the DevOps life cycle.

In addition, automation enables the continuous deployment of new infrastructures in a matter of minutes, making it possible to obtain short time-to-market without the inconvenience of failed deployments. These benefits, compared to a traditional environment, are further amplified with AWS DevOps solutions, such as CloudFormation and OpsWorks that make this automation possible in an agile and minimally invasive way to development processes.

AWS has created highly scalable managed services for databases, caching, data warehousing, backup, infrastructure management, and application management, reducing total time, cost, and effort dedicated to setup compared to a traditional environment.

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