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Thinking of a software factory in the cloud is to think and put to work in an endless number of functionalities to incorporate into your services and applications in an agile way.

At Itera we design the strategy to discover and develop the true potential that exists in the cloud. Accelerating the implementation of digital services using the most innovative technologies on the market.

Benefits beyond processing and storage

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The cloud is not only infrastructure and data center, but the ability to design and develop applications faster and in a scalable way .

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At Itera, our Cloud Software Factory is made up of a development team made up of specialists who modernize applications through the architecture and its technological components in the cloud.

A team that has accredited competencies with the main cloud providers: AWS , Google , Azure for the design of solutions, migration and managed services .

We have the robust methodologies accredited in CMMI 5 for Development and Services , as well as ISO 20001 and ISO 27001 for information security management ,

All of this with best practices in code development to increase security through configurations with the required protocols and complemented with security policies in the cloud. Increasing the resilience of applications in availability and continuity.

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