Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Do you want to optimize your expenses in the Cloud?

Get savings of up to 50% on computing and licensing in the AWS cloud

Itera supports you with the implementation of an OLA (Optimization and Licensing Assessment) that translates into analysis, advice and the use of tools to help you to understand how your Microsoft computing and licensing environment would translate to AWS in an optimized state, identifying potential savings of up to 50% between computing and licensing savings ( SQL Core savings </ strong>) for example.

Itera Process- AWS Consulting Partner

Our offer includes:

  • Consultancy on the installation of the assessment tool by Itera specialists.
  • Recommendation of additional AWS services for incorporation of best practices and compliance.
  • Proposal for AWS Services and Migration Consulting Services (Migration Plan).
  • Development of a business case and the use of exclusive AWS programs that we can access and contemplate through Itera in different economic scenarios.
  • Operation (7×24) when migrating to the cloud, through a Service desk with access to AWS Enterprise Support, for 10% of cloud consumption (and not for the 15k usd of AWS).
Análisis y Asesoría en Nube

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