Seguros Mundial

Success Story


Solution components:

  • Amazon RDS – MySQL
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SNS
  • CloudWatch
  • AWS config
  • AWS CloudTrail

The project

Seguros Mundial is one of the main insurers in Colombia.

Since its foundation, Seguros Mundial has forged its image of solidity and seriousness in the insurance market, which has allowed it to participate competitively in all the businesses inherent to its activity.

Understanding the opening of the insurance market as an opportunity to grow, progress and provide a better service to each of its clients, Seguros Mundial designed and developed a Global Strategic Plan that determined, as a business focus, specialization in the areas of Compliance, Judicial, Aviation, Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT), Educational Group Life Insurance, Personal Accidents and Credit.

The World Insurance Strategic Plan is integrated into the Quality Management System that allows us to work systematically to improve the organization’s processes, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients under the highest standards of quality and service.


Seguros Mundial has multiple eCommerce platforms and payment gateways, which should grow automatically due to their demand in the insurance market.

Seguros Mundial was looking for a scalable, profitable and secure solution that could handle its growth at peak times and, likewise, be able to take care of its monthly budget.

They had infrastructure on-premise with IBM and other brands that were very expensive and limited to manage.

In that sense, Itera offered to use servers and storage in a private cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to achieve the aforementioned objectives with the following benefits:

  • They are elastic virtual servers that can grow vertically (processor and memory) and horizontally (multiple servers at peak times).
  • Payment is only for what is used (server hours on and storage space).
  • The backup of the servers is automatic with snapshots incremental daily (or more often, if desired) to Seguros Mundial, which is designed for a durability of 99.999999999%. Thus, Seguros Mundial is stored redundantly in different availability zones in AWS.
  • If a server fails, a replacement can be brought up quickly from the last backup.
  • The bandwidth of each AWS instance to the internet is very high (~200Mb/s).
  • As a consequence, and thanks to the services, availability and flexibility of the AWS functionality, Seguros Mundial increased the transaction volume of its eCommerce platform by 20%.

The Solution

The solution is based on AWS good practices that are easy to grow or scale and services they offer.

What did you get?

What did we do differently in our offer?

    • Cloud Platform Vs On Premisse and Licensing
    • Pay-per-use model
    • Demonstration of experience through POC’s

What was it like to differentiate ourselves from the competition?

    • We didn’t offer a platform and licenses, we offered services, security, scalability and budget efficiency, as well as experience

What were the internal AWS programs that helped us win?

    • Migration Competition
    • Managed Services Competency

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