Microsoft releases patches for vulnerabilities in Azure

Wiz discovered information about a set of vulnerabilities in Linux virtual machines in the Azure cloud. This occurred when using the proprietary agent functions of the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) platform.

Within days of this announcement, Microsoft released the corresponding patches on September 14.

Whatto do about it?

Experts recommend updating OMI to the latest versions, making sure that all potentially dangerous services are disabled.

The risk to sensitive information and the security for customers that their data is protected are essential today for any company that wants to continue in the global market.

Your incomplete list looks like this:

  • Azure automation.
  • Azure automatic update.
  • Azure Operations Management (OMS) Pack.
  • Azure log analysis.
  • Azure configuration management.

“Customers should update vulnerable extensions for their cloud and on-premises systems as updates become available on a scheduled basis,” the company’s support response states.

Meet Azure Notebooks

It will probably be very difficult to find a software and application company that does not use Microsoft Azure services. They are widely recognized as essential tools that ease the software development process, especially from the operational side of the problem.

This is why many companies are looking for trusted, experienced developers with knowledge of Azure that they can use in their work.

Modern business applications combine many areas of development. They are familiar and easy to understand. But all that changes when you start adding new technologies and approaches, creating scalable, distributed computing platforms that leverage big data and machine learning.

This is where Azure Notebooks come in handy, giving you a place to learn analytics using familiar languages in a playground where you can test code and visualizations, share results with colleagues, and add descriptive text around your code, as well as output for presentations to management. and your team.


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