File a Complaint

Itera always encourages and facilitates its customers, suppliers and employees to express any type of concern, concern or complaint in order to identify and contain situations that may lead to illicit conduct, a crime, or act of corruption or bribery. They can do it in the File a Complaint section or by sending an email to the Human Talent Director who has the Anti-bribery compliance function:

How to report?

1) Choose the means by which I will raise my complaint or concern

You can send us your COMPLAINT OR CONCERN using our simple web form .

By means of a simple email, you can send us your complaint or concern to

2) Specify as detailed as possible the place where the events occurred.

  • Business Unit
    • Cloud Services
    • Governance of IT Services
    • Agility and Digital Transformation
    • IT Training
    • Other.
  • Area
  • Country

3) Provide complete data
Person (s) who report: If you do not want to provide your data, it can be anonymous.
Person (s) involved: The full name and surname of the person (s) is important to expedite the investigation process.

4) Detail the content clearly and precisely
Try to have all the information related to the complaint, in addition to the evidence material if you have it by answering the questions: What? Who ?, When ?, Where ?, How?

5) Follow-up and conclusion
Once the complaint has been sent at any time, you can send an email to to:

  • Know the status of the investigation.
  • Provide additional information.
  • Attach test item files.
  • Receive a message to request your support with additional information to attend to the complaint.

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