Business Data Analytics

Power decision making!
Obtain key indicators of your business with customer data analytics solutions based on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Power decision making!
Obtain key indicators of your business with customer data analytics solutions based on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Accelerate your business transformation with a secure, fast, and open data cloud to drive business intelligence that leads you to a better knowledge of your customers.

Boost your company’s digital transformation and business intelligence with the latest trends in Business Intelligence, Predictive Customer Analysis and Data Driven. Providing your collaborators with the most reliable data, at the right time to focus on productive tasks.

Majors Use Cases for Business Data Driven

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Increase awareness about your consumers. Gain maximum insight into purchasing trends using business intelligence solutions to dynamically adjust customer segment, customize promotions or campaigns, and accurately generate sales forecasts.

Supply and Logistics

Effectively predict delivery schedules, inventory management, and demand forecasts using business intelligence solutions, performance metrics, and data analytics on your revenue margins.


Modernize your company’s digital commerce. Improve customer satisfaction and determine the rate of open, pending, or delivery periods for maximum analysis of distribution, retention, incentives, and customer segment.


Experience Intelligent Manufacturing through Data-Driven Insights, optimizing quality control, service inspections, and comprehensive analysis of internal processes to deliver a seamless 360-degree client experience

Sales Analysis

Optimize the assortment of your items in warehouse or point of sale and discover which are your best-selling products or services with actionable data analytics on gross and net trade, by location, by product and by customer segmentation.

Financial services

Offers 100% personalized financial services based on data driven and business intelligence. And improve fraud prevention with statistics on security operations and risk simulators for financial decision-making.

Some competitive advantages for your organization

Accelerate corporate outcomes exponentially

Start using business intelligence with the most valuable information about your business to obtain a holistic view of your customers, your processes and your value chain. Make it possible with easy-to-use cloud architectures.

Minimizes risk, complexity and cost

Save time, effort and investment to complete implementations and achieve business results faster with deployment templates, based on the context of the customer segment.

Innovate the operation to take your company into the future

Take advantage of a data analytics strategy that you can scale beyond a specific use case with the best tools and functions for customer analysis. 100% native in cloud environments!.

Reduce your data infrastructure expenses by 90% and increase the speed of your processes x10 by being data driven.

Our Business Data Analytics partners

See you in the cloud!

Itera offers you the possibility of managing all phases of the data life cycle, guaranteeing the automation of your processes thanks to our package of services that enrich decisions sales with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning throughout your organization.

Our team specialized in cloud-centric solutions helps you define the Roadmap to increase sales, attract more customers and provide personalized digital experiences through an analytical approach that allows you to modernize your operation in record time.

Break down information silos

Transversally connect your customer data across apps, across clouds and across teams to make better business decisions.

Receive thousands of actionable insights

Visualize future purchasing trends, past consumer behavior and access predictive market information in real time.

Move from passive to autonomous model

Unlock high-impact business data and ensure the availability of all that knowledge with cross-platform accessibility.

Create business value faster

Increase corporate innovation with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in all your analysis segments.

Enhance shopping experiences

Raise sales by personalizing the Buyer’s Journey by organically integrating data into your Marketing and Customer Service Platforms.

Optimize 100% what you already have

Increase the performance of your digital campaigns with evaluations and diagnostics that will allow you to build a 100% proven strategic path .

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