Cloud Solutions for Education with AWS

Accelerate the digital transformation of teaching, improve the learning experience for your students, and modernize your back office operations at a fraction of the time cost.

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As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, we provide you with the most powerful cloud tools to revolutionize remote learning, personalize your eLearning offering by making it highly interactive, and efficiently meet peak demand.

At Itera we advise you during each phase of the process to unify your virtual classrooms and logistics load in a single portal, simplify configuration management and support of technical requirements, reduce incidents or improve the performance of your academic infrastructure.

Quality and excellence for higher prestige

Our technological solutions ensure the continuity of teaching, creating a virtual learning experience flexible, custom, scalable and highly available for your students which also leads to optimal knowledge management and frictionless administrative operation.

Get a comprehensive view of each student’s performance and provide timely follow-up on their professional progress.
Easily incorporate any type of learning management system such as Moodle, SkyPrep, TalentLMS or Docebo.
Speed up all your administrative operations with a secure logistics environment and the most high operational performance.
Add or remove IT resources with ease, in minutes, with maximum component integration.
Minimize downtime or data loss with fast and reliable disaster recovery plans.
Increases trust in a cloud environment compliant with 98 security standards and compliance certifications.

Some Competitive Advantages of Our Cloud Solutions for the Education Sector

Anytime, anywhere availability

Offers to your student community , teaching and administrative staff secure access to remote desktops or applications 24×7, from any device or location.

Improve efficiency and
pay only for what you use

Scale up or down your infrastructure services according to your academic needs, changes in traffic and seasonal demand to optimize costs.

Transform and enrich the learning experience

Improve student performance with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Voice Recognition tools for an immersive study experience.

Turn data into business wisdom

Optimizes the lifecycle of large volumes of institutional data and uses powerful analytics solutions with Machine Learning to make 100% decisions data-driven.

Strengthens the security of personal information

Enjoy an infrastructure cloud protected to ensure reliable storage of academic information, supported to facilitate database migrations data.

Innovate faster and secure business opportunities

Take advantage of hundreds of technical and training resources to accelerate the development of your institution, empowering the delivery of enhanced digital content for the end user.

With Itera and AWS, boost interaction, communication, and access to digital resources for limitless education

The Itera Differentiator

Our certified specialists provide you with a precise approach to solve various problems and support you in your success strategies by diagnose, plan and plot together with you la better student, faculty and administrative experience with all the power of cloud.

In Itera we define, evaluate and act in real time with proactive monitoring where we measure the progress and behavior of your cloud architecture, supporting at all times strategic priorities of schools while fulfilling their mission.

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Itera has led multiple IT initiatives and cloud projects, infrastructure optimization, cloud migration and architecture modernization, consolidating dozens of Success Stories at an international level that translate into benefits for our clients in the education sector.

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