Cloud Solutions for the Financial Sector with AWS

Reduce costs and modernize your banking, payment methods, insurance or capital market services with global cloud infrastructure more resistant and reliable.

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At Itera, we support you by optimizing and modernizing your critical financial operations services, allowing you to create more elegant customer experiences and offer a catalog of cutting-edge banking products with the highest standards of regulations, compliance, and security.

Our suite of cloud solutions helps you quickly meet the expectations of your users, provide excellent customer service, improve risk profiles and drive business benefits by incorporating new market ideas in one click.

High-End Services for Business Industry Leaders

Through continuous innovation, we offer you precise advice for meet the world’s most stringent security requirements and the tools that the best financial institutions need to differentiate today and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges thanks to the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Take advantage of a highly available and scalable technology infrastructure to deliver powerful service delivery.
Modernize your legacy systems and revolutionize the performance of applications or key operating systems.
Gain advanced insights into cloud cost-saving alternatives while reducing risk.
Make the most of our Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technology to accelerate innovation.
Ensures compliance with data residency and data privacy requirements in a trusted and secure environment.
Increases cost and performance efficiency of intensive workloads, eliminating time-to-market delays.

Some Competitive Advantages of Our Cloud Solutions for the Financial Sector

Adjustable network computing for any workload

Scale safely, quickly and on demand with elastic mesh solutions to analyze your clients’ behavior and meet capital management and reporting requirements.

Advanced font solutions
Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Protect and manage secure data lakes for better analysis of your customer information or regulatory reports with custom business intelligence tools.

Digital modernization of banking and customer service

Create rich, personalized and seamless financial experiences for your users, incorporating digital transactions in real time and at unprecedented speed.

Rigorous models for fraud detection

Empower your organization with machine learning services to prevent fraud, avoid illegitimate operations, automate processes and facilitate authentication.

Tasks, procedures and
agile financial forecasting

Simplify payment processes, credit score evaluation, implementation of regulatory changes and portfolio management with agility and without friction.

Effective disaster recovery plans

Creates business continuity protocols that guarantee security, prevent information loss, minimize system redundancy and shield operations continuously.

Amaze, delight, and exceed your clientele’s expectations while driving your business growth with utmost compliance

Meet Our Tailored Cloud Products for the Financial Sector!

Opens the door to new income opportunities with the broadest set of intelligent analytics tools, the proven experience of Itera and technical features for collect, store, and parse business insights, leading to fast, informed and effective decisions.

Amazon CloudFront

Accelerate the delivery of dynamic websites with a low-latency, high-throughput infrastructure that balances cost, performance, and security.

Amazon EC2

Optimize performance and costs with a reliable, secure, and on-demand scalable infrastructure that lets you adjust your cloud capacity in minutes.

Amazon Fraud Detector

Develop, deploy, and manage accurate fraud detection models with custom and predictive rules—no Machine Learning experience required.

AWS Glue

Make it easy to discover, prepare, and integrate data with our service that lets you clean, populate, normalize, organize, and analyze data in a simple, clean interface. intuitive.

AWS Lake Formation

Set up any type of data lake in a matter of days in a centralized, secure repository to make better business decisions with refined information.

Amazon Personalize

Allow your IT teams to build apps capable of delivering a wide range of personalization experiences for your customers and product recommendations.

Amazon Quicksight

Help your collaborators understand any font data in interactive panels, with questions in natural language and dashboards that automate pattern searches.

Amazon RDS

Set up, operate and scale your relational databases in just a few clicks and eliminate inefficient database administration, without the need to provision infrastructure.

Amazon Redshift

Turn raw data into business intelligence without worrying about infrastructure management and break down information silos within your company.

Amazon SageMaker

Easily process large amounts of structured or unstructured data with Machine Learning solutions that automate and standardize your operation.

Amazon VPC

Enjoy a completely private and customizable virtual network environment in the cloud, which allows you to locate all kinds of resources with full connectivity, availability and security.

Elastic Load Balancing

Monitor the performance of your applications in real time, allowing you to continue your services in the event of a blockage and protect your systems with encryption tools.

The Itera Differentiator

At Itera, we understand the security, regulatory, and enforcement needs faced by financial services institutions across the globe, from infrastructure to automation, risk management, delivery models, and customer service.

For this reason, our experts certified in Best Practices trace the ideal route for you to get the best technological experience that the cloud offers, developing an infrastructure that provides high performance, takes advantage of valuable resources and drives innovation.

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Itera has led multiple IT initiatives and cloud projects, infrastructure optimization, migration cloud and architecture modernization, consolidating dozens of International Success Stories which translate into benefits for our clients in the financial sector.

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