Cloud Solutions for the Government Sector with AWS

Reduces operational loads, makes the budget more efficient and modernizes, from citizen attention services to mega-projects, on a large scale and without concerns.

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At Itera we satisfy the most rigorous standards that government agencies, federal bodies, dependencies and town halls are obliged to comply with, at all times balancing their economy with needs for speed, certainty, security, reliability and trust.

For this reason, and as award-winning experts in the implementation of cloud technology in the public sector, we offer you numerous options and support to update your infrastructure quickly, with a flexible and low-cost scheme that improves productivity.

Smart solutions for governments that make a difference

We specialize in styling environments cloud highly available and free of vulnerabilities, mitigating interruptions in the services you provide to the public as much as possible and driving savings for your administration from the first stage of the path to the cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unimpeded acceleration of digitization of citizen care services, single window, electronic signature And more!
Integrates holistic security features to meet the highest data protection regulations.
Get successful system migrations based on Best Practices to make it fast, massive and durable.
Guarantees attention to double the number of users, every day, with the ability to scale in the face of traffic peaks on portals.
Optimize your investment and lower the total cost of ownership with our Pay-as-You-Go model that drives developments.
Free yourself from management to extend your local, virtual or cloud infrastructure and develop hybrid IT architectures.

Some competitive advantages of ours
Cloud Solutions for the Government Sector

Create rich user experiences, 100% personalized</span >

Better engage with voters, wherever they are, with contact center solutions, voice recognition technology, dynamic messaging support mobile.

Ensures compliance standards are met

Rely on extensive controls, audits and security accreditationsextensive ties to meet different regulatory requirements such as ISO/IEC, PCI-DDS or NIST.

Transparent and secure democratic processes

Enjoy configurations and systems that speed up data capture, offer citizens truthful information, in real time, and effective recovery plans against disasters.

Powers more efficient operations at low cost

Powers more efficient operations at low cost< /p>

Rapidly transform data into actionable information

Access advanced functionalities for collecting, processing and analyzing large volumes of data, obtaining insights strategic with tools Machine Learning.

Speed modernization of your legacy systems

Take your Windows or Linux-based workloads to the cloud with the speed your government needs, increased performance, and more flexible licensing options.

With Itera, join the panel of leaders who are creating more connected, more empowered and more innovative governments.

The Itera Differentiator

In Itera we provide solutions that improve the management capacity of our clients, placing them in a technology dynamics that enable them to achieve their governance goals with the widest functionality, the most secure computing environment, and proven experience.

We are one of the leading partners de Amazon Web Services (AWS) authorized for sale to the Government of Mexico and, throughout 20 years of award-winning trajectory, our specialists have designed the specific strategy to bring to the >Public sector on the road to operational excellence.

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Itera has led multiple IT initiatives and cloud projects, infrastructure optimization, migration cloud and architecture modernization, consolidating dozens of International Success Stories which translate into benefits for our clients in the government sector.

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