IT Governance

We transform business models through adaptable, flexible and efficient processes, directing your entire organization towards emerging trends in agility.

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IT Governance

Keep your organization’s digital assets and your customers’ sensitive information safe with our critical data protection solutions in multicloud systems.

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Empower your projects with a comprehensive management model based on Best Practices

At Itera we committed to delivering value to our clients, which is why we help them comply with the directives to achieve maximum governance, visibility, resilience, cost optimization and carry out operations with speed, quality and security.

Our IT Governance and Process Consulting services allow you to keep your organization aligned in the implementation of improvement actions, preventive risk control and structuring of an effective decision-making model and high-impact results.

Our portfolio of IT Governance and process consulting services

Our team of experts provides you with strategic advice and specialized support for the achievement of national and international processes and certifications, as well as in the implementation of the Processing Best Practices based on world-class standards.

ISO/IEC 20000-1
Service Management
ISO 37001:2016
Anti-bribery management
Capability Maturity Model
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information security management
ISO 22301:2019
Continuity management
of the business
Maturity model in software
ISO 31000:2018
Risk management
ISO 9001: 2015
Quality management
Amazon Certified Managed Services Provider
Workflow management
Agile Methodology
Project management
IT Architecture Management
IT governance and management
Software Development and IT Operations
IT Service Management
Lean Six Sigma
Process improvement

At Itera we help you establish the guidelines so that your products, services and processes satisfy the industry needs with the highest level of compliance.

To do this, we ensure that your technological tools are part of the business strategy, allowing the Focus on creativity, continuous improvement and innovation.

How can we support your organization?

In Iterates we put at your service the most i nnovative and continuous improvement for redefine and implement processes that maximize your company’s capabilities, allowing you to offer a higher quality service with full visibility, automation and permanence.

Mentoring service and specialized training for process modeling and mapping.

Resource allocation or implementation solutions in each phase of the journey.

Personalized workshops and Organizational Change Management strategies.

Implementation of Service Management and Security Management Systems.

Development of Anti-Bribery Protocols and Bribery Plans
Continuous Improvement.

Creation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Implementation of information security controls and personal data protection.

Risk assessment, identification of threats and their impact on the operation.

Internal audits and/or specific verifications to comply with frameworks.

Getting certified
based on national and international standards.

Some IT Governance’s competitive advantages  

Efficient execution,
agile and interconnected

Reduce expenses and time in the development of your organization’s activities, eliminate duplicate or redundant tasks and improve work processes between all your departments.

Error-free operation
in projects and services

Increases the return on investment through automated and optimized processes that ensure quality work, reducing costs and time spent on maintenance.

Achieve results faster and more profitably

Improve the competitive level of your business and its ability to react to changes in your strategy, guiding your company’s structure towards the scope of results in record time.

Get a 50% increase in the productivity of your organization, aligning it with strategic objectives

Why Choose Itera

We specialize in Security and Governance Best Practices, helping you to increase the trust of your clients or your partners, in addition to guaranteeing data protection, ensuring your current and future operational capacity and process optimization.

We draw the map together with you route tailored to your business to guide the company structure towards the materialization of targets in the less time possible, increasing productivity based on strategic objectives to cope with market dynamism.

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