Quality and Environment Policy

1. Objective:
Provide its clients with quality consulting services that meet current and mutually agreed requirements, taking into account fundamental values of social responsibility and respect for the environment.

2. Scope:
It contemplates the IT consulting and training service, software marketing and cloud services in Spain.


  • COMPLETE THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Commitment to comply with applicable regulations and legislation.
  • ENSURE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Orientation towards continuous improvement of services, giving priority to initial planning and prevention.
  • SYSTEMATIZE PROCESSES: Monitoring and control of processes and activities based on indicators that contribute to implementing actions to improve management services and processes.
  • QUALITY OF WORK AND SERVICE: Through the detection of incidents and the provision of the necessary measures to alleviate their consequences and avoid their repetition, committed to the establishment of actions and programs aimed at prevention .
  • ACHIEVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Exceed customer expectations.
  • GET STAFF PARTICIPATION: Promoting teamwork and the participation of people at all levels of the organization in the planning and development of activities, facilitating continuous learning to become aware of responsibility and personal commitment to the quality of work.
  • GUARANTEE COMPLIANCE WITH DEADLINES: Consider the execution of work deadlines, creating relationships with customers and suppliers based on trust, transparency and mutual respect.
  • RESPECT PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: Work at all times within the strictest professional ethics, safeguarding information from customers, suppliers and staff.
  • FOSTER INNOVATION: Search for innovative solutions in management processes, within the framework of a permanent system of continuous improvement.
  • PROMOTE TECHNOLOGICAL IMPROVEMENT: Strengthen technological resources to ensure the quality of projects.
  • CONSIDER ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS: Minimize the impact that our activity may cause on the environment, promoting the rational use of resources.
  • PRESERVE NATURAL RESOURCES AND PREVENT POLLUTION: Recycle, reuse and properly manage the waste generated in activities, extending the commitment to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • GUARANTEE HEALTH AND SAFETY CONDITIONS: Place special emphasis on occupational risk prevention, applying the legal requirements in this area at all times.