School of Industrial Organization

Case of success


Solution Components: 

  • Amazon Workspaces
  • EC2
  • Active Directory
  • VPN

The project

The School of Industrial Organization was looking for a common work desk solution simplifying configuration management and reducing incidents. With Amazon Workspaces they got preconfigured remote access to Workspaces for IT, use from anywhere, and compatibility with multiple hardware.


The School of Industrial Organization needed to evolve many of the solutions offered to its students. Among the main problems were the Portable Classrooms for on-site classes, the virtual machines distributed by FTP or the Applications with Education licenses installed in EOI SW, which the students could not use outside their facilities. </ Strong >

The Solution

In order to align Technology and Business, EOI set out to find a solution that would respond to the needs of each course and its students.
• Image with Operating System (Windows 10), Language and Applications installed according to the needs of each master’s degree
• Hardware adapted to Applications (Value, Standard, Performance, Power)
• One Bundle per Master’s Edition: Hardware and Image
• AWS Directory: integration against our Active Directory: authentication of students and teachers


Currently, the School of Industrial Organization has more than 550 Workspaces deployed. The implementation of Amazon Workspaces has enabled EOI to differentiate itself and gain competitive advantages. Now “the customer is the center of the solution”, the student is directly with the software they need to use, it avoids the students wasting time in carrying out tedious installations and software configurations, which sometimes present difficulties, there is a common space of work for teachers and students, agility has been achieved in the use of “education versions” of applications.

• Common platform simplifying configuration management and reducing incidents
• Preconfigured remote access to WorkSpaces for IT (RDP, SMB).
• Use from anywhere with just the internet and a browser.
• Multiple hardware compatibility: Smartphones, Tablets, Windows computers or MAC OS
• Servers within the WorkSpaces network allowing to have License Servers in EC2 (Ex: ArcGIS).
• Integration with our cloud services: GSuite, Office365 and Blackboard

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