Club Premier

Success Story


Solution components:

  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Security Hub

The project

By positioning itself as the leading coalition loyalty program in Mexico, Club Premier allows its 6.7 million members to exchange the accumulated Points for a number of benefits. Which range from wine tastings, incomparable dinners and items from the online store, to flights, lodging and cruises, among others.

Points are accumulated at more than 100 affiliated companies, in addition to airlines, and through purchases with co-branded bank cards. Therefore, the volume of Award Tickets redeemed reaches 20 thousand units monthly.

All this, added to the changing demands of the market and customers, made it necessary for Club Premier to have the capacity to make rapid and constant modifications to its digital tool.

In 2018, the company decided to take over the management of its booking engine so that new services, functions and offers could be quickly created and delivered to members, guaranteeing them memorable experiences.


Historically, Club Premier outsourced the booking engine to a third party, but as demand from its members increased significantly, it was overwhelmed, making it impossible for them to provide the level of attention and service that their users deserve.

On the other hand, the adoption of agile development models as an operating standard in order to offer more and better functions to partners, required the ability to make constant changes to the system. “This was not compatible with the previous platform, since it followed a waterfall type methodology, limiting it to one or two change cycles per year,” explains Carlos Maya Desdier, manager of the infrastructure area.

Lastly, due to the nature of the business, the different data analysis teams, CRM and commercial areas needed to have real-time access to data on the behavior of travelers in order to analyze them and thus facilitate decision making.

“Even when they had the capacity to do analysis, it was very slow. It was necessary to go through more complex processes and thus be able to analyze, so taking action was something that took a long time,” says Rodrigo Barrón Cornejo, an infrastructure expert for technological initiatives at Club Premier.

The Solution

With the support and consulting of Itera (Advanced AWS Partner), Club Premier and its development arm IDS took care of all the documentation work and designed the new architecture.

The implementation was done, according to Barrón, “in a very simple and fast way”. The first half of 2018 was a transition period and by the middle of the same year everything was on the new platform.

This is how Club Premier’s new technological infrastructure uses Amazon API Gateway and Amazon CloudFront, to be able to attend constant flow of requests from members regardless of volume and to achieve a journey as fluid and uniform as possible, respectively.

“This solution allows Club Premier to deliver content securely, quickly, and with low latency to its members,” says Maya Desdier.

In addition, the infrastructure uses Amazon Inspector to always comply and be aligned with the quality standards available in the industry; AWS Security Hub to give the security operation team a single centralized console where they can review and follow up on alerts and findings made.

While AWS Glue and Amazon Redshift guarantee efficient and easy access to data for fast and correct decision-making based on objective metrics.

The Results

Choosing AWS solutions brought global business and technology benefits. “The times of non-customer service ceased to exist. With AWS we can offer all the services that the partner is looking for”, says Maya Desdier.

The company achieved an increase in the service capacity for large flows of members, going from 60 requests per second to 250.

According to the executive, the availability of the application today is higher than 99.95%.

On the other hand, Club Premier managed to keep platform costs very low and in line with the usage pattern of partners by taking advantage of Amazon-enabled horizontal scaling. “We achieved a reduction in operating and development costs versus the outsourced platform that was available. We achieved savings in the range of 25%”, concludes Maya Desdier.

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