Aeroméxico: High-altitude attention

Aeroméxico Rewards is the leading loyalty program that allows its 6.7 million members to exchange accumulated points for different benefits. Its volume of redeemed award tickets reaches 20 thousand units per month.


Discover how we help Aeroméxico strengthen the level of service it provides to its customers. Our specialists designed and implemented the comprehensive solution that allows them to maintain their quality of care.


Solution components:

  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Security Hub

Problems or challenges of your cloud projects

Aeroméxico Rewards outsourced the reservations engine to a third party, which was overwhelmed due to the considerable increase in demand from its partners. As a consequence, they were unable to provide the level of care and service that users deserve.

On the other hand, the adoption of agile development models as an operating standard to be able to offer more and better functions to partners required the ability to make constant changes to the system.

Finally, due to the nature of the business, the different data analysis teams, CRM and commercial areas needed to have real-time access to traveler behavior data to be able to analyze it and thus facilitate decision making. .


Our specialists were in charge of designing the new architecture, carrying out a quick and simple implementation. The first semester was a transition period and by the middle of the same year everything was on the new platform.

This is how Aeroméxico Rewards’ current technological infrastructure is capable of addressing constant flows of requests from members, regardless of volume and to achieve the most fluid and uniform journey possible, respectively.

In addition, the infrastructure uses components that allow it to always comply and be aligned with the quality standards available in the industry, as well as guarantee efficient and easy access to data for quick and correct decision-making based on objective metrics. Likewise, it has a single centralized console where the security operation team can review and follow up on the alerts and findings made.

Their new technological infrastructure in AWS significantly boosted their quality of service, allowing them to attend to constant flows of partner requests regardless of the volume and considering all security parameters. This solution makes it possible to deliver content safely, quickly and with high availability.


  • They have an AWS infrastructure that allows them to save 30% in both operational and development costs.
  • They increased development efficiency by 25%.
  • They managed to increase the capacity to serve large flows of members, increasing from 60 requests per second to 250 requests per second.
  • Application availability greater than 99.95%.

See you in the cloud!

Just like Aeroméxico, you can strengthen your customer service services. By choosing AWS solutions with our cloud-centric approach, the global business and technological benefits gave wings to the quality and agility with which each client is served.

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