Case of success


Solution Components:

  • Jira Service Desk
  • AWS Infraestructure

The project

E-voluciona needed tools with which it could automate the tickets it received from its customers. Previously, reports were generated manually with Excel.


E-voluciona needed to be able to measure attention times. It was also necessary to install Add-ons available only for server.

E-voluciona presented the following difficulties

Traceability of procedures
Team task management
Time measurement and SLA
Generating reports

His main problems were related to:

Management of work queues
Quality of service
Current state visibility
Customer experience

The Solution

Itera suggested using Jira Service Desk for its functionality, cost, partner network, usability, add-ons, and as a service.

With Jira Service Desk, problems were solved by creating a single portal in which tickets are processed, which allowed e-voluciona and its clients to obtain solutions in the shortest possible time.

With the implementation of the Server version, a solution was given to the installation of Add-ons available only for server.

To reduce maintenance costs, no custom development was necessary.

The Result

JIRA Service Desk meets the minimum expected by E-voluciona in terms of functionality, performance, stability and usability

Change management was easy.

The strategy of using agile development towards a PMV was successful.

An implementation of Dashboards was achieved in a few seconds. As well as a detailed monitoring of the service.

The high number of Add-ons allow to improve the dashboards.

Clients have detailed management traceability.

Assistants are now able to prioritize on-demand management.

By means of Add-ons the auxiliaries are able to synchronize states between Tasks and Sub-tasks.

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