Ficosa : Quality and innovation

Ficosa is a global supplier to the automotive industry, partner of all automobile manufacturers in the world.


Discover how we help Ficosa strengthen its systems, maintaining its leadership in the automotive sector. Through consulting and support, our specialists took your digital infrastructure to the next level.

Solution Components:

  • IBM® Rational® DOORS®
  • IBM Rational DOORS Web Access
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • IBM Rational Publishing Engine
  • IBM Business Partner Itera Process Consulting
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The project

Ficosa needed to adapt to the constant changes in the automotive market without losing the quality that its customers demand. Their commitment to technology and innovation has led them to be pioneers in safety, connectivity and efficiency systems for the automotive industry, through research, development and production.


Comply with the demanding regulations that apply to the automotive market.

The Solution

The use of DOORS as well as the integration with Quality Manager allow the group to adapt to the rhythms that their business requires without losing the quality they demand Your clients.

The Result

Ficosa has been using DOORS since 2007 to comply with the demanding regulations that apply to the automotive market. (Ex: A-SPICE).

“In the end we chose IBM because it is number 1 in its sector and for this it gives us a solidity in the developments which is fundamental to also give security to our clients”

—Raúl Lucas, IDNEO General Director

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