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The Institute for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies for Education (IIIEPE) is the public body that promotes professional and technological development for educators.


They need to develop a new nationwide online course platform that will launch in two months. Its data center is insufficient for the creation of this learning environment and the acquisition of more physical servers is ruled out for reasons of time and budget.

The Solution

Set up an infrastructure on AWS in just one week, adopting up-to-date best practices and leveraging cutting-edge technology.


  • Have a faster and less expensive approach to implementing online learning environments. Allowing them to meet high service standards through a flexible, secure and reliable solution that strengthened the prestige of the institution.

Just like the IIIEPE, your organization can also take advantage of the breadth and depth of the cloud, reducing costs and optimizing the performance of its infrastructure. By choosing AWS solutions with our Cloud Centric approach, the technological and economic benefits are reflected in the capacity of the services.

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