Navantia : Integrated and more powerful production

Navantia is the largest shipbuilding company in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.


Discover how we help Navantia achieve its integration goals. Managing to optimize your processes in an agile and safe way through the appropriate implementation of solutions by our certified specialists.

Components of the solution:

  • IBM® Rational® DOORS®
  • IBM Rational DOORS Data Exchange Add-On
  • IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine
  • Stonework DOORS- Windchill Integration
  • IBM Rational Synergy
  • IBM Rational Change
  • IBM Business Partner Itera Process Consulting


Navantia needed to guarantee the following objectives to guarantee its customers the highest quality in its products:

Own technological capacity for the design, construction and maintenance of all types of ships.
Support, throughout the life cycle, to the units of the Navy, keeping them in adequate service conditions.
Our own capacity to design, manufacture, integrate and maintain command and control systems, platform control systems and propulsion systems, adding value to ships and the technology transfer solutions that we offer to our clients.

The Solution

Navantia through the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base (CLM) Product Suite (formerly Rational) manages most of your requirements. With this, it adds value to the ships and the technology transfer solutions that they offer to their customers.

See you in the cloud!

Navantia performs all the life cycle management of its products through the PTC Windchill PLM. In turn, you manage all your requirements management with the Rational Product Suite. It is vital to the work of all your engineers that the PLM is integrated with the Requirements Management Suite that Engineering uses, whether with IBM® Rational® DOORS® or with Rhapsody, Synergy, Change.

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