Seguros Mundial

Success story


Solution components:

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing (AWS ELB)
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • AWS CloudFormation


Seguros Mundial is one of the most recognized Colombian companies in the insurance market. In accordance with the changing needs of its customers, the company is constantly evolving.


Due to the technical limitations of their legacy servers to meet the demand, they needed to migrate one of their most important workloads to the cloud: E-commerce Soat (Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance).

The Solution

Through the implementation of integration strategies and continuous delivery of services, we design a scalable, flexible, secure and high-availability system with good performance to meet the demand of its customers, generating a satisfactory user experience.


  • Achieve the 15% increase in demand capacity for this business model.
  • Have an infrastructure based on microservices, which allows personalized functions and fast response.
  • Continue evolving, adapting quickly to market needs.

Let’s make it happen!

Just like Seguros Mundial, your organization can make its services more efficient. By choosing AWS solutions with our Cloud Centric approach, the economic and technological benefits are reflected by increasing process agility.

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