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Soluciones Latinas Administrativas (Solati) is a company belonging to the software industry, expert in omnichannel collection management solutions. It supports different companies


Learn how we helped Solati reduce security risks and increase processing power. Through cloud technology and careful implementation, they were able to make better use of their resources.

Publication date:

  • August 2023 (Current)

Solution Components:

  • EC2 Compute
  • EBS, storage y Snapshot
  • S3
  • Route 53
  • WAF
  • Cloudtrail
  • Cloudwatch 
  • Nat Gateway
  • VPN
  • AWS Market place, fortigate
  • CloudFront

Issues or challenges of your cloud projects

They needed to migrate two on-premises data centers to the cloud. In one of them is the most critical application related to your core business. The project for this migration must take into account all the regulatory security requirements.

It is a set made up of more than a dozen servers in which different activities such as finance, compensation and telecommunications, among others, are concentrated.
Migration is required in order to improve the performance of your system by acquiring greater availability, avoiding obsolescence and optimizing the costs of your operation. Likewise, for the optimal performance of their infrastructure, they needed to have the pre-support of managed cloud services.


Once our specialists chose the right solutions to design an easy-to-manage architecture, they focused on implementing an infrastructure on AWS that provides greater scalability and high availability to the Solati platform, complying with the cloud standards required by ISO 27001.

With agility and precision, they were responsible for successfully migrating their core business infrastructure to the cloud. This migration allows Solati to modernize and, to that extent, be more competitive and efficient in the market by having post-support in the management of its cloud services.


  • 99.99% availability of your core business system.
  • 80% reduction in availability resolution times.
  • 50% reduction in RPO (Recovery Point Objective).
  • Scalable capability that allows them to serve new customers and integrate microservices into their platform.
  • Implementation of a modern and highly reliable architecture that allows them to automate processes, innovate in their services and optimize costs.
  • Easy scalability in processing and storage capacity according to your business needs.
  • Expand the variety of security tools and services including data encryption, user authentication, and monitoring. In this way, they achieved a reduction in security risks.

See you in the cloud!

By choosing AWS solutions with our cloud-centric approach, you boost your business and get better use of your resources in a cloud environment. Just like Solati, your company can also count on a migration of excellence in the cloud, optimizing costs and achieving greater operational capacity in a more secure way.


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