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SunusTech is a company based in Monterrey dedicated to the transportation of automobiles through special units known as “godmothers” or “mothers.”


Discover how we help SunusTech improve the performance of its digital infrastructure. Through a detailed review by our specialists, we were able to design and implement the precise solution that meets the needs of this Monterrey company.


They need to optimize the performance and costs of their infrastructure and licensing.

The Solution

Migration of your infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, monitoring its operation and the compatibility of operating systems, servers and applications, as well as reviewing its different licenses.


  • Increase in the performance of your workloads and the availability of your applications.
  • Implementation of the pay-per-use model to optimize costs.
  • Automation of information backups in AWS.

Let’s make it happen!

Just like SunusTech, your organization can improve the performance of its infrastructure and optimize costs. By choosing AWS solutions with our Cloud Centric approach, the economic and technological benefits are reflected in the security and availability of information that drives the business.

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