Optimizing the use of technological resources is possible by establishing a work culture with best practices. At Itera we help you in the field of DevSecOps by maximizing the potential of Jira Software and in the main Cloud platforms such as AWS.

At Itera we have specialized in enhancing the automation mechanisms that ensure business continuity. Based on the analysis we carry out in the organizations, we managed to optimize productivity with solutions that provide greater control in terms of security.

In this way we implement highly adaptable tools from Jira Software and AWS with a focus on agility, innovation and security. Through a quick configuration and integration with other ecosystems, it is possible to solve problems in a core way.


We increase the security capacity in your organization, starting with the diagnosis and a complete evaluation of vulnerabilities, allowing the appropriate strategic planning for the different levels of sophistication that the scenarios present.

With a tailored investment, we enable the functionalities according to the requirements and scalable projection of the organization. The goal is clear: implement and use highly secure software in the most cost-effective way possible.


Through a cohesive and low-cost experience, we create great opportunities for expansion. Starting from a defense strategy by verifying and automating in the different stages while vulnerabilities are identified in a timely manner and pointing out upcoming challenges. Thus, it is possible to design a comprehensive security architecture, implementing the defense strategy that is required based on verification practices, automating specific security tests that are monitored and evaluated. That way security becomes a hardening factor throughout the software development cycle with Jira and AWS.


We bring teams together on a common platform to speed requests by working smarter and easier.

Precisely by creating an orchestrated platform, the end-to-end flow in the software delivery process is strengthened with Atlassian Jira Software and AWS services such as: CodeCommit, CodeBuild, SonarCloud, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and environments for microservices.


In the DevSecOps field, we create a platform for teams to interact in the best way and with constant feedback. Because in a context of fluid collaboration, the tools are truly used.

We envision security beyond the traditional to be seamless throughout the software development cycle with Jira and AWS.

For this reason, we promote a security culture in which the early identification of vulnerabilities to be mitigated is possible. By making visible the sum of efforts within a continuous and iterative process, members become aware of security and can carry out activities of greater value to the organization.

By properly implementing high availability solutions, with great support and coverage, results and costs are optimized. Thus, the harmonious delivery and deployment of a diversity of solutions and services is possible.

We know how to boost the performance of Atlassian and AWS tools. We achieve this by enabling them and putting them into operation with international reference frameworks and methodologies in which we are experts.

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