Cloud technology drives innovation in the financial industry.

Given technological advances, changing forms of interaction, and the growing need for increasingly personalized customer experiences, the financial services industry is facing challenge that digitization implies.

One of the key points in the digital transformation that will allow financial institutions to continue promoting their business lies in the proper management of the information they collect and this, of course, derives of a strategy designed according to your specific needs.

Adapting to change

Beyond the digitalization of their processes and services, the financial institutions that will obtain better results will be those that achieve a true transformation of the business that impacts the organizational culture, as well as its products and the way in which its services are more accessible and innovative.

That’s right: innovate to meet market needs.

And, in that sense, legacy systems are not exactly the best option due to their monolithic and inflexible nature which makes them less and less efficient and more expensive.

The cloud powers innovation

Unlike traditional on-premise data centers, the cloud is scalable , have high availability and security, to which is added the ability to incorporate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Internet of Things (IoT) in its digital offer.

Just this evolution leads financial institutions towards visualization and predictive analysis of data, leading them to make better decisions that, in addition, gives them the ability to interconnect information and processes to generate new solutions.

In short: be Data Driven.

Analytics + Agility

The Amazon Web Sservices (AWS) platform that Iterates puts at the service of financial institutions allows you to create innovative cloud solutions according to the specific requirements of each organization, providing them with the same data analytics capabilities to obtain information that is useful for the business.

For these purposes, at Itera we work with data warehouses using Amazon Redshift; we consolidated the design and creation of data lakes with S3 Lake Formation; we make it easy to extract, transform, and load data using Amazon Glue; we enable database replication through Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS); and we simplified both the construction and visualizations of analytical dashboards with Amazon QuickSight.

These are just some of the services we have for your company that will help you transform your traditional data centers into an infrastructure cloud that generates efficiency, flexibility and improvement in the time-to-market, since it allows you to develop products with greater agility.

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As AWS Advanced Partner at the Ibero-American level, in Itera iWe promote innovation and competitiveness by accompanying our specialists with a cloud-centric approach, guaranteeing you the cconstruction of customized solutions that meet the business needs of the financial institutions.

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