Sometimes it seems that organizations function like a ‘fun house’: stairs leading to nowhere, doors leading to walls, windows overlooking other rooms, furniture and shelves on the ceiling, mirrors that distort reality. Oh! There is no blueprint of what the finished house is supposed to look like, it is simply a set of unconnected ideas or projects.

According to Gartner, this type of chaos is very common since, it is estimated, 9 out of 10 companies in Latin America have not realized the power they have its internal and external indicators for decision-making, lacking a 360 panoramic view of all the information on the preferences or consumption habits of its customers and, in addition, with challenges to take advantage of organizational data with a view to business growth.

We then find that they operate in silos and their teams work with multiple tools, different processes, logistical inconsistencies and know-hows that collide with each other. Which can lead to decreased corporate profits and, of course, undermined consumer confidence (since these companies don’t even understand them to begin with).

That’s where Data Modernization initiatives come in, which can help your organization thrive when you plan, you build and run more and better projects from insights strategic.

Learn about the 4 steps to carry out a successful Data Modernization to the cloud.

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By having a Cloud Centric approach, being specialists in digitalization of services and implementation of operation models and IT governance, at Itera you We help design the best strategy to modernize your data platforms.