Google Cloud

Improve customer experience and understand their entire buying journey while driving business results with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions .

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Google Cloud

Improve customer experience and understand their entire buying journey while driving business results with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions .

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Google & Itera technologies are the perfect pairing for you to achieve greater business growth, allowing you to generate precise business strategies and innovate your products or services with a 360 vision of the customer, in real time and based on dynamic, visual and predictive data .

Through our powerful cloud business intelligence solutions, we help companies like yours start or mature their Analytics Strategy every step of the way, from design to go-live, leading to business automation.

Our business solutions with Google Cloud

Foster data-driven innovation with the industry-leading cloud, plus 100% integrated AI capabilities to Eliminate information silos in your company’s operational transactions with unmatched levels of speed, scalability and security.

Specialized support in Business Data Driven

Implements the most advanced solutions to collect data from your customers and extract valuable information to create a more prosperous, sustainable and modernized business, adding innovation to your products and services from a data clean, consistent, parsed: a data smart.

Digital Workplace and collaborative environments at Google

Increase the productivity of your company with a unified, secure and modern collaboration platform so that your work teams can better manage their tasks, allowing them, at the same time, to find information and key data of your business to solve concrete problems.

Continuous Integration and Application Modernization

Accelerate the design, development and modernization of your applications in a comprehensive way, automating from code to production with prescriptive reports and the most cutting-edge cloud technologies, such as containers, serverless and meshes. services.

High level training and official certifications

Professionalize your collaborators in areas of Data Management, Digital Transformation and Change Management with our official certifications in business architecture, guaranteeing that innovation is the transforming axis of your teams for the emerging digital economy with Google.

In Iterates we help you maximize
the competitive advantages of Google Cloud

Speed up the digital transformation

Gain the power to democratize your data and modernize your company’s infrastructure by connecting people, results and technology that supports adaptation driven by the cloud.

Analytics shielded by security tools

Enjoy a centralized cloud environment that protects your data and applications from threats and fraudulent activity with the same security technology used by Google.

Speed up your development process and performance. Try i now

Run workloads in the right place according to your needs with 3x the performance for half the administrative cost of any other provider cloud.

Evolve the customer experience and get to know them from every angle, increasing the use of your data at 566%

Meet our star products!

We develop an offer of corporate solutions that unleash the full power of the over 150 products from Google, enabling the design of an intelligent commercial architecture aligned to your organizational objectives for create personalized Marketing and Sales experiences.

Customer Data Platform

Give more value to your business with a repository of clean and organized data that allows you to better understand your customers to generate strategies with advanced analytics.

Customer Genome

Maximize the impact of your campaigns with our profile micro-segmentation tool that gives you the single, detailed and automated view of your customers’ DNA.

Customer Journey

Visualize the entire customer journey, from looking for products or services to living the experience, analyzing each omnichannel interaction to optimize strategies.

Master Data Management

Manage your organization’s master data and get a unique and realistic view on the data from your clients or others insights business, optimizing the performance of your business.

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