Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Modernize and reinvent your business by taking it to the cloud
with technology specially designed to optimize costs, increase profitability and deploy innovation.

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Amazon Web Services

Modernize and reinvent your business by taking it to the cloud
with technology specially designed to optimize costs, increase profitability and deploy innovation.

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Unprecedented speed, scalability and compliance

With hundreds of success stories helping companies like yours to migrate to the cloud, improve licensing costs, modernize your applications, digitally transform businesses and make them more profitable, Itera is the partner strong Amazon Web Services (AWS).</span >

Our multi-award-winning specialists design the right strategy to place your operation in the cloud environment, satisfying the most demanding requirements of flexibility, security and latency while they accompany you in each phase of the way and drive business benefits.

Our business solutions with Amazon Web Services

As the most specialized organization in build secure, high-performance, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructures across the region, en Itera we make your company increase its competitiveness with the best performance, agility and market innovation.

Cloud Migration Consulting and Services

Carry your workloads or entire data centers to the cloud easily, quickly, and worry-free with our lift & shift, which allows you to take full advantage of the technology of Amazon Web Services in terms of Best Practices and operational savings.

Continuous Integration and Application Modernization

Accelerate the digital transformation of your company, experience a rapid deployment and performance of your applications, optimize your legacy systems and obtain support in the experience of your development areas while streamlining the delivery capacity and rapid production of software.

24×7 support and Cloud Operations Center service

Enjoy a managed service infrastructure and applications with the highest quality of delivery, preventive and corrective maintenance of your cloud instances, as well as support and monitoring from a team certified in ISO, ITIL, COBIT and the most rigorous industry standards.

Cloud optimization and Well Architected Framework

Get more efficiency for your cloud architectures based on the five pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance and cost optimization through specialized consulting to diagnose continuous improvements and provide more value for your business.

Data Modernization and Management Solutions

Accelerate the pace of innovation and manage the life cycle of large volumes of data by creating business intelligence with platforms and services that give you competitive advantages, all while incorporating scalable Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Driven technology.

Digital Workplace and collaborative environments at Amazon

Make it easy for your writing teams to creative, operational and customer service areas improve their work performance while your developers evolve their capacity through rapid and reliable innovation cycles to deliver more and better products based on DevOps Practices.

High level training and official certifications

Professionalize your talent cloud technology company offering official courses by Amazon Web Services and take advantage of our customized business training solutions with our own instructors, certified and experienced in the trends that are in vogue.

In Iterates we help you maximize
the competitive advantages of Amazon Web Services

High excellence in managed support services

Receive full support in dealing with incidents and requirements from our team certified as AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and custom service desks.

Workshops with experts
for exclusive clients

Keep up to date with the latest AWS services and features via workshops and hands-on labs that we offer as part of our other Cloud Immersion Days.

Benefits program
and VIP incentives

We are an AWS Advanced Partner, which allows us to give you access to special incentives so that you can maximize the use of Amazon Web Services products at low cost.

As an AWS Authorized Reseller, we guarantee the same prices as the USA, local billing and consumption transparency.

Our entrepreneurial skills

Throughout its 20-year history, Amazon Web Services ha recognized the technical skills and experience of Itera to add value to its clients in specialized areas of different sectors, bringing to you Impact solutions that will drive your goals forward with the power of the cloud.

AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Identifies precisely how your Windows computing and licensing environment can be optimized to save costs and run resources more efficiently in the cloud.

AWS Planned
Event Support

Receive extra operational support and infrastructure scaling to meet demand on important dates such as purchasing seasons or product launches.

AWS Well Architected Framework (WAF)

Enjoy a secure, high-performance, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for any type of applications and workloads at a 100% optimized cost.

Secure delivery of
content with AWS

Accelerate the delivery of software, web services or dynamic content in the cloud, develop sites faster and effectively protect your APIs from the most common cyberattacks.

Exposing APIs with Amazon API Gateway

Enjoy a managed service that makes it easy for your developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.

Cloud Migration Consulting Competition

Save on infrastructure costs and take your workloads to the cloud or data centers with the speed and convenience your company needs to modernize its operation.

Big Data and Analytics Services on AWS

Transforms the data de your company in actionable information for decision making and rein sell your business with our business intelligence solutions.

Migración de cargas de trabajo de Windows

Accede a una infraestructura confiable, flexible y bajo demanda para escalar la capacidad de tus workloads en cuestión de minutos, optimizando su rendimiento.

Database Migration to Amazon Web Services

Simplify the tasks of configuring, operating and scaling your databases to the cloud in just a few clicks and optimize the management of your resources at low cost.

Success Stories

Itera has led multiple IT initiatives and cloud projects, infrastructure optimization, migration cloud and architecture modernization, consolidating dozens of International Success Stories which translate into benefits for our clients in various sectors.

Solutions for the Education Sector

Solutions for the Financial Sector

Solutions for the Government Sector

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