Trend Micro

Strengthen your security multicloud and in hybrid environments with comprehensive solutions, constantly updated, to shield your systems and the assets of your organization.

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Trend Micro

Strengthen your security multicloud and in hybrid environments with comprehensive solutions, constantly updated, to shield your systems and the assets of your organization.

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Maximum digital resilience for an interconnected world

At Itera we specialize in optimizing your organization’s IT security services, increasing value and reducing cost with threat intelligence to help you make informed decisions about detecting, addressing, and responding to cyberattacks.

To achieve this, hand in hand with Trend Micro, we bring you the latest innovations in safeguarding your endpoints, both physical and virtual environments, across cloud and containers. This ensures your company can respond swiftly to vulnerabilities with intelligent defense tools

Our business solutions with Trend Micro

As strategic partners with Trend Micro, our certified specialists help you evaluate, design and implement transversal security solutions based on Best Practices, giving you the certainty so that your hybrid and multicloud environments are better protected.

Specialized support in Cloud Security

At Itera we put at your service the features you really need to build a successful security strategy and minimize any type of risk or impact from possible digital attacks, thanks to vulnerability scans, penetration tests and much more!

Compliance with regulatory standards and IT Governance

Get security governance comprehensive and tailored on a platform that allows you to analyze and identify vulnerabilities in each layer of your architecture and, in addition, receives our support for build awareness campaigns and publicize your company security policies.

24×7 support and Security Operation Center service

As part of our Services Infrastructure Administrators, enjoy proactive and reactive monitoring to respond to security incidents and drive continuous improvement of your organization with proven strategies, addressing all your protection needs quickly and easily.

High level training and official certifications

Keep your teams up with the latest cybersecurity trends with our offering of bootcamps and official courses, increasing your response capacity to cyber risks with 100% customized business training programs.

At Itera we help you maximize
the competitive advantages of Trend Micro

Simplify and unify your organizational security</ p>

Visualize all your cybersecurity services in a single console where you will get a 360 view of detection, protection and response for your cloud environments and on-premise.

Receive breadth and depth in service

Access 4 levels of cybersecurity that cover all technical and regulatory aspects to achieve an acceptable state of security in your networks, applications and infrastructure.

Build your business incrementally and safely

Get the capabilities that enable cross-sectional monitoring, accurate plans for parameter compliance, and code-safe rules or regulatory standards.

In a matter of hours, receive an in-depth analysis on the level of cybersecurity in the different layers of your company.

Meet our star products!

As governance and security experts in major clouds, at Itera we create a comprehensive service offering that encompasses evaluation of your Security Posture, the definition of processes and policies, as well as the implementation of controls, monitoring and management in any ecosystem.

Application Security

Enjoy an advanced scanning and protection service for your APIs in the cloud and develop more secure applications on dedicated servers, virtual machines or containers.


Receive complete visibility and automatic resolution of computer incidents, while ensuring compliance with security and governance regulations.

Container Security

Simplify security for your cloud-native applications with advanced, real-time scanning for the best container protection and intelligent access control.

File Storage Security

Make sure all your files stored on different servers are virus-free by scanning your cloud sandbox.

Network Security

Gain the ability to detect and contain cyber threats, both internal and external, by ensuring maximum protection of your network layers in single and multi-cloud environments.

Open Source Security

Reduce the ability of criminals to infiltrate your software and also support your developers to create stronger and vulnerability-free applications.

Workload Security

Protect your operating systems with instant monitoring and recovery tools during all file traffic in on-premises containers or cloud environments.

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