AWS Planned Event Support

Receive extra operational support and infrastructure scaling to meet demand on important dates such as times of purchases or product launches.

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We offer you the most robust support and advisory tools for situations when your operation demands increased infrastructure capacity for a ‘special event’ like Black Friday. This empowers you to serve extensive customer volumes with exceptional quality

At Itera we help you assess logistics readiness to meet demand, respond to high requests in a timely manner, identify or mitigate risks, and execute your event with full confidence in the hands of our certified experts in the Amazon Web Services cloud ( AWS).

Some Competitive Advantages of AWS Planned Event Support

Performance improvement
and technical support

Free yourself from management and reduce the high operational efforts made by your infrastructure administrators, increasing your financial income without worrying about the technical part.

Business intelligence for a more elastic cloud

Get documented reports and plans that will allow you to prepare your AWS environment for the scheduled event, increasing your delivery quality and your return on investment.

Cost optimization and upgrades 100% to the measure

Receive accompaniment and support before, during and after the event to review, monitor or adjust your cloud components, maximizing their operation and optimization.

Our business offer includes…

Customer Success Strategy Plan

We work hand in hand with you to understand the success criteria of your event and scale the business results you want to obtain.

Retrospective and diagnostic sessions

Enjoy a performance evaluation of your past events to detect opportunities for improvement in your current cloud instances.

Guaranteed maintenance and support

We support you with a plan and documented report of cybersecurity actions and remediation of issues generated during the event.

Once the event is over, we rescale your cloud services to normal operating levels and provide you with a report of monitoring of spikes in the use of servers.

Our goal: to present you with a balance of the initial configuration and the modifications for the execution of the event so that you can replicate it successfully in your next initiative.

The Itera Differentiator

At Itera we have more than 20 years of experience supporting the retail industry and mass consumption in reaching their commercial goals, through the correct strategy, support and personalized advice in each phase of the planning path of your event.

We are experts in the execution of the Well Architected Review, focused on security and reliability, guaranteeing business results and a friction-free operation during your events thanks to the support of a multi-award-winning team in the Best Practices in the industry.

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