Training and Learning Solutions on AWS

Evolve your digital learning environment. Position your educational services at the level that allows them to be highly available while increasing their profitability and security.

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Strengthen your academic business core by improving the user experience under a pay-per-use scheme, optimizing the investment and cost of the Learning Management System (LMS) platform, making it possible to create online teaching and training solutions that adapt to the needs of your academic community.

At Itera we help your educational institution so that the use of your platform is simple and intuitive. By designing and facilitating an application tailored to your academic needs, with the ability to easily manage your training and learning resources. Making it happen in a reliable cloud environment and with the support of our Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified professionals, providing you with specialized support in the creation and integration of learning systems that foster constant innovation.

Some competitive advantages of our
Solutions for Training and Learning on AWS

Automatic cloud response

Development of autoscalable e-learning LMS platforms based on automation, the use of data and the use of all AWS services. Which allows you to attend high attendance for exams without having system crash problems.

Adaptative e-learning

We implement solutions to redesign the learning and user experience of the LMS platform, automatically adapting to each student to that you can advance in a personalized, agile, flexible way and at your own pace.

Custom app

Allows learning to continue online and offline with the LMS platform application. Students will be able to download the app adapted to the graphic identity guidelines of your institution and continue their learning process without limits.

Advanced protection and management

AWS solutions for data protection and systems with analysis and content monitoring to prevent plagiarism. Administration, support and accompaniment for technological infrastructure, including the LMS.

Easy video management classroom

Easily manage your live classes and recordings using video conferencing systems. Automatically publish and manage your recordings on the LMS platform for student use.

Our business offer includes…

Flexible and scalable infrastructure

Get high availability infrastructure provisioning that allows you to grow or decrease according to the demand generated by your academic community. Ensuring concurrent student evaluation processes without affecting the performance in speed and confidence of the platform. Improving the user experience while taking advantage of the services in AWS that provide you with the protection of sensitive data both in transit and at rest.

Cloud learning analytics

Obtain personalized reports that facilitate the monitoring and specialized analysis of study times, usability, satisfaction, course average, participation, completion and many more indicators of each student. In this way you will be able to identify, for example, students at risk of dropping out on time. This is how you can have information that can impact your learning and teaching methodologies.

E-learning Key User (LMS Help Desk Agent)

Receive a complete administration, accompaniment and support service of the LMS platform for your users that offers, among other advantages, support for developers, direct and personalized treatment by professionals that include specialists in Moodle.

Multimedia e-learning content development

Dynamically enhances student learning, with innovative training resources and gamified strategies that promote and encourage learning. We virtualize the information of your academic process in virtual objects that generate learning in a clear, interactive and easy to understand way. Each content is developed applying instructional, usability and user experience techniques to generate connection and a positive perception in user interaction.

Gain technical guidance and specialized support from our solution architects, who cater to your innovation and external system integration needs within your learning systems.

The Itera Differentiator

With Itera and AWS technology, reinvent your institution’s educational ecosystem to build better learning environments both remotely and in person. Transforming the educational experience in a solid and comprehensive way.

Our company has extensive experience and track record in the implementation, development and migration of large-scale learning systems for academic institutions in Latin America. This allows us to carry out successful projects, guaranteeing safe, efficient implementations adapted to the specific needs of each institution, continuously improving the results of its learning system to achieve its educational objectives.

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