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Date published:

  • April 2023


  • AWS Enterprise Support
  • Cloudfront
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Backup
  • S3 Glacier
  • Ec2
  • Lambda
  • Route 53


The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) is a public multi-campus higher education institution in the province of Alicante. It currently has a community of approximately 1,100 academics and 15,000 students.


The technological strategy of the university travels through a road map of a decade, of which it has a journey of 3 years. The objective is the construction of a hybrid infrastructure (cloud / on-premise) that allows them to make their operations more flexible.

They are currently working on solutions that allow them to adapt their business models to APIs, in order to generate an approach based on this paradigm to accelerate the transition to the cloud.

On this path, the institution is managing and migrating the processes of the entire IoT incorporated in recent years and its storage under a new Data Lake that allows them to update their dashboards and provide them with new factors based on artificial intelligence, which will facilitate decision-making to optimize and rationalize spending, as well as the search for new growth possibilities.


Adopting a set of measures based on cloud infrastructures has allowed the University to operate all its teaching, management and research activities throughout.

Services such as AWS Direct Connect provide Miguel Hernández with a private network infrastructure with the Amazon cloud, which has been instrumental in matching their cloud needs.

Another service that they consider basic has been Route 53, which represents serious advantages for them in terms of: Geography-based routing, Latency-based routing, and DNSSEC Signing.

Currently, the University uses numerous services, both support and AWS Enterprise Support, as well as network, storage, monitoring or database services.

AWS S3 uses it as a storage service. This service offers scalability, data availability, security, and performance, and together with EFS provides a simple, scalable, elastic, and fully managed NFS file system for use with cloud services and on-premises resources.

For the delivery of content the university uses Cloudfront that allows us to distribute the data to our end users in a secure way, with low latency and high transfer speeds.


  • Start up the new virtual Campus based on Moodle, whose infrastructure is fully supported by the AWS cloud as the core point of its business model in teaching and electronic headquarters.
  • Achieving in a simplified way a dynamic sizing directly proportional to the increase in the load due to various activities (exams, homework delivery, etc.).
  • High availability, scalability, and resiliency delivered by AWS services at the highest level.
  • Earn AWS cloud infrastructure training credits for your IT professionals to accelerate your migration to the cloud.

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As well as the Miguel Hernández University, your educational institution can also count on greater operating capacity and optimize its costs. By choosing AWS solutions with our cloud-centric approach, you boost your business and make better use of your resources in a cloud environment.

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