Amazon Web Services (AWS) lands in Latin America:

It will integrate 6 technology centers in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil

Starting this year, your company will enjoy the maximum power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the installation of six technology centers in strategic cities in Latin America, which will allow you to access the most robust deployment of cloud infrastructures, on-premise storage services and ultra-high-speed cloud computing with Itera.

“These technology hubs, called AWS Local Zones, will help more public or private organizations, innovative start-ups and AWS Partners, have at hand a new generation of cutting-edge applications, cost savings, scalability and high availability in their cloud executions”, announced Marcos Grilanda, regional director of the Private Sector in Latin America for AWS, who confirmed this project guarantees the fastest cloud latency on the planet:

Exactly 10 milliseconds.

Where will they be located and what are their benefits?

To settle in the cities of Querétaro (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Río de Janeiro, Brazil, AWS Local Zones will give you the ability to deliver never-before-seen performance in computing processes.

For example: simplify any type of cloud migration, accelerate AI or Machine Learning inferences, revolutionize application modernization projects, meet rigorous user residency requirements data and perform hybrid deployments in real time. All this hand in hand with strategic allies such as Itera, AWS’s geographic leader in Latin America.

“In addition, it will be possible to use core AWS services with high availability while users seamlessly connect to the rest of their workloads with the same elastic, pay-as-you-go model. application programming interfaces (APIs) and the select AWS services you already know”, added Marcos Grilanda.

Take off to the cloud without worries

Because AWS and its strategic partners fully manage the support and operation of these Local Zones, companies like yours will not need to incur the expense and effort of acquiring, operate and maintain the infrastructure to optimize your applications with low latency.

Just the opposite! They will receive a seamless cloud experience, designed to adapt to the needs of your organization with the urgency, ubiquity and utility that the market demands.

The digital transformation of our region is now and, as the AWS Advanced Partner in Latin America that we are, you have the support of Iterate to boost the growth of your business with state-of-the-art cloud technology, backed by a team certified in AWS with 16 years of experience. Precisely because this level of infrastructure opens the doors for your organization’s digital ecosystem to help you become one Success Story alongside start-ups, large companies, educational groups and government organizations that Iterate we have empowered with select Cloud Centric consulting solutions.

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