Success Story



“Cachivaches” has a track record of over 50 years of experience in selling a variety of household products, which it currently conducts through both physical and online stores.


By managing their services independently, they present knowledge challenges about their Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to solve security and availability issues, which prevents them from focusing their efforts on business needs.

The Solution

The implementation of solutions that provide high availability to your infrastructure on AWS, with high performance scaling and complementary services for auditing, configuration and security that allow both content filtering and intrusion detection.


  • They achieved adequate attention to their clients in the face of peak demand, by having the necessary availability to face unpredictable growth.
  • They increased sales by 50% in high season, avoiding crashes in their systems.
  • They optimized their marketing campaigns by carrying out promotions that generate new peaks in demand without failures.

Let’s make it happen!

Just like Cachivaches, your company can also optimize its services and increase sales. By choosing AWS solutions with our Cloud Centric approach, the economic and technological benefits are reflected by making the quality of customer service more efficient by having a highly available infrastructure.

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