Itera receives the Award for Best Expert Partner in Well Architected Framework

Iterate, company cloud-centric with more than 20 years of experience and presence in Latin America and Spain, was recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the organization most specialized in creating secure, high-performance, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructures throughout the region, so it received the Best Award Expert Partner in Well Architected Framework 2022.

This historic award, to which is added another Award for Best Partner for the Public Sector, distinguishes the capacity of Itera to accelerate the digital transformation of its clients with AWS, guaranteeing cost optimization, robust cybersecurity protocols, efficient performance, maximum reliability, sustainability and operational excellence in cloud environments .

“What we are looking for, together with AWS, is to offer a digital transformation to companies, not only through technology per se, but creating value with that technology”, indicated Miguel Ángel Aguirre Tapia, Managing Director of Itera Process, when extending its gratitude to our more than 300 collaborators and more than 500 clients in 8 Latin American countries for this achievement.

Multi-awarded specialists at the service of your organization:

During the AWS Partner Summit, held in Mexico City, it was exposed that Itera provides an approach, not only consistent, but accompanied by high-level mechanisms for companies like yours to evaluate their cloud workloads hand in hand from certified experts, who propose strategies to prevent, identify and eradicate risks, as well as implement improvements.

For this they have specific preparation in the Well Architected Framework or WAF, a framework that allows us to create secure cloud infrastructures, resilient and efficient for a variety of applications and workloads, “what it implies a door of innovation for companies and a door to the digital transformation of organizations”, said Miguel Ángel Aguirre remembering how we started working with AWS in 2012, even though at that time there was still no Amazon Web Services office properly installed in the Mexican Republic.

“We were pioneers in Mexico and we have several specific competencies in this technology, which gives our clients a lot of certainty.”

The backbone of a good cloud architecture and its six keys:

Specifically, our CEO refers to the six pillars that make up the Well Architected Framework:

For example: the Pillar of Operational Excellence helps us execute, monitor and constantly improve your organization’s processes in the cloud, allowing the automation of changes and an optimal response to various events (such as natural disasters and interruptions in service) to manage your daily operations optimally and based on international standards, which is reinforced through the Sustainability Pillar, which minimizes the environmental impacts of your loads work by having a better understanding of them.

On the other hand, we also focus on protecting your information and your systems through robust confidentiality and data integrity strategies, as well as through the administration of user permissions and the establishment of controls thanks to the Pillar of Security ; and, of course, we ensure that cloud uploads perform their intended functions optimally, allowing them to quickly recover from errors and meet specific demands within the Pillar of Reliability.

Finally, the Performance Efficiency Pillar focuses on the structured and simplified allocation of computing resources as your business needs evolve and the Cost Optimization Pillar helps you avoid unnecessary expenses, precisely because at Itera we take care of controlling the allocation of funds and scaling to reduce impacts on your company’s investment.