AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Identifies precisely how your Windows computing and licensing environment can be optimized to save costs and run resources more efficiently in the cloud.

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Receive a complete diagnosis that will help you understand how your Windows environment and third-party licenses can be optimized when moving them to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, identifying cushions in licensing costs and workloads for your company.

Our Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) allows you to reduce your computing and Windows licensing investments by up to 50%, while offering you a detailed report with the tools, resources, and technical support for a successful migration to the cloud.

Some Competitive Advantages of Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Full inventory of your Windows licenses

Get timely tracking to detect how many licenses are used in your company, how many are available and which ones have breached usage limits to explore savings plans.

Resource modeling under the Pay Per Use scheme

We realigned your licensing options with a flexible scheme that allows you to drive seasonal workloads and agile experimentation, so you only pay for what you need.

Performance improvements and smart ROI strategy

Leverage OLA recommendations to get maximum value from existing license entitlements, avoid unnecessary license costs, and mitigate vendor lock-in.

Our business offer includes…

Custom Business Case Development

We present different economic scenarios to obtain a better use of your licenses, without falling into excess capacity.

Exclusive AWS incentives and benefits

As an AWS Strategic partner , we create a streamlined proposition that gives you access to specific programs to reduce operating costs.

Installation and migration consulting

Get recommendations for additional AWS services, compliance plans, Best Practices, and advice at journey to the cloud.

In addition, enjoy the integration of operational services to migrate to the cloud through a Service Desk with access to AWS Enterprise Support (the highest level of support from AWS).

Take full advantage of this one-of-a-kind benefit and all its competitive advantages without the need to pay the minimum fee of $15,000 USD per month thanks to Itera.

The Itera Differentiator

As one of the pioneering partners of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Latin America and Spain, we help you determine a 100% proven roadmap to make the most of your current investments in Windows licenses, allowing you to compare cost/impact in various scenarios.

Our more than 300 certified experts in infrastructure transformation are the best ally to improve the performance of your organization with a profitable strategy, providing you with the knowledge and visibility that your company needs in the face of modernization.

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