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IBERO is a higher education institution that promotes the training of comprehensive professionals. It has more than 17 thousand students, of which 70% use the virtual modality. It belongs to Planeta Formación y Universidades, Grupo Planeta’s international higher education network.


Discover how we help IBERO to optimize costs, properly allocate resources and automate processes. Raising the satisfaction of its users and strengthening the prestige of its educational model through a digital platform that registers high availability and greater security.

Publication date:

  • September 2023


They were using IT resources inefficiently, resulting in high costs and poor performance of applications and online services. While their systems were not scalable enough to handle seasonal demand spikes, nor could they support the sudden increase in users during important academic events.

Your online educational applications could experience slowness or downtime, which negatively impacts the user experience. They also recorded wasted storage resources, spending unnecessarily on data storage that was not used effectively.


Once our specialists applied the Well-Architected Framework diagnostic, they performed a comprehensive review using monitoring and analysis services to identify underutilized or underutilized IT resources. They implemented cost optimization practices, proper resource allocation, and process automation.

They designed and deployed scalable architectures that automatically adapt to fluctuations in demand. They performed performance testing to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in applications to accelerate content delivery. Likewise, they implemented data management policies that define when and how obsolete or rarely used data should be deleted.


  • 20% reduction in server hosting costs and infrastructure overhead due to better resource management.
  • Established a 99.9% availability target for critical applications, resulting in a maximum downtime of 8.76 hours per year.
  • 30% improvement in web page loading speed.
  • As part of reducing application response time and reducing latency in online transactions, they achieved an average response time of less than 300 ms.
  • Infrastructure capacity to handle a 100% increase in traffic during academic events without performance degradation.
  • 40% increase in average IT resource utilization.
  • Reduction of unplanned interruptions by 15% for one year.
  • Complete recovery in less than 30 minutes after an incident as part of improving the ability to respond to unexpected events (cyber attacks or hardware failures, for example).

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Just like IBERO, your educational institution can count on services that strengthen and optimize its digital infrastructure. By choosing AWS solutions with our cloud-centric approach, the economic and technological benefits are reflected by meeting user demand and driving a better teaching-learning experience.

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