Town Hall of Alcobendas

Case of success


Solution Components:

  • Amazon Workspaces
  • Amazon Appstream

The project

The Alcobendas City Council had difficulties in the operation and management of IT services. Among the most prominent problems were the excessive time in the rigging and delivery of the equipment, the cost and operation that traditional solutions implied, and the number of equipment and users.


The Alcobendas City Council sought to adopt a “Cloud First” strategy, which would allow it, among other things, to facilitate a teleworking protocol for its employees. Users.

The Solution

The solution proposed with Amazon Workspaces allowed:

  • Standardize the implementation of services.
  • Minimize the provision of the job.
  • Maximize useful life existing hardware.
  • Facilitate telework by meeting technical requirements.
  • Improve institutional protocol of teleworking.


Currently, the Alcobendas City Council has managed to transform the workplace and benefit from the Amazon Workspaces solution, the city council’s IT manager highlights the advantages in facilitating the Alcobendas City Council’s telework protocol , Work-Family conciliation, opens up new ways to mobilize job functions in services that required presence in the job, and to obtain a predictable cost model.


  • Predictable cost model , pay per use. Report the value of IT to areas.
  • Compliance with security regulations such as ENS and RGPD.
  • Start-up time reduction : from weeks to minutes
  • Standardization of the deployment process.
  • Being a managed service, CAU can dedicate itself to level 1 of support.
  • After testing various desktop technologies with multinational companies, this was the only one that worked.

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